Anne Cooley
Business Manager & Top Dog

Anne tracks the cash, ensuring that your billing is handled precisely to your satisfaction and your vendors are accurately paid to theirs.

From travel agent to animated TV ad producer, graphic design studio manager and, of course, business accountant, her vast experience reflects Anne's natural preference for order and talent for precision.

  Given $1 million, would:
give most of it away

In a parallel universe would be:
a dog

Oddest job:
ice cream dipper

Once-in-a-lifetime memory:
hiking the mountain trails in Cinque Terra, Italy

Favorite TV show of all time:

Once owned a:
1960 green VW Beetle with yellow flowers

Refuses to eat:

Volunteers at:
Golden Retriever Rescue and the Atlanta Zoo

Won't be caught dead wearing:
a thong

Favorite Halloween costume:
Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction

Worst fear as a little kid:

Favorite dessert:
anything & everything